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Seth Menachem

Hi, I’m Seth Menachem. I’m married with two kids and living in Los Angeles. Many of my friends are single. They like to complain to me about how hard it is to find someone to love (I like to complain about how hard it is living with someone you love). This is my way of trying to get them off of my back. They don’t know I’m doing this. When they find out they will probably be really annoyed. Then they will laugh. Then they will ask me to show them pictures of the people who wrote to them (*Update: They now know I’m doing this).

If you’re interested in any of my peeps, please post a comment under their post. You can then email me and I’ll forward along your emails to the person you like:

5 comments on “My Mission

  1. Hi Seth,

    You have one of my favorite names. I feel so much like your friends and have tried many dating sites with no success n I am a gr8 catch! I live in San Diego…any suggestions? LA isn’t too far but difficult for the traveling if u have to still work!

    Thanks so much…love this idea,
    Amy Celine

    • Thanks, Amy. I’ll let my mom know she did a good job. Check out the fellas on here and write me if any catch your eye. Guys will drive pretty far out of their way for a girl they like. You can also have a friend write about you with the new SUBMIT YOUR SINGLE PEEP button on the home page so give it a shot.

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