Marissa B- Los Angeles

Written by Adele

I met Marissa while shopping in a mall. She was a stranger and we randomly starting talking. We became instant friends. She’s like that. She can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. She has the warmest smile and her eyes smile, too–in that Diane Keaton kind of way.

She was actually born and raised in Los Angeles. She has a hardcore Jewish Mom–the kind boyfriends are scared of. But also the kind that raises a really bad ass daughter like Marissa. She grew up pretty privileged but you’d never know it. She also has a strong Jewish identity and she’s really proud of her heritage. You will often hear her saying to her married friends, “Hook me up with a nice guy already but he’s gotta be Jewish.”

She opened her own Chiropractic business by 26. She’s so careful and loving. She treats her clients like family which is why she probably forgets my appointments sometimes. You can tell she will make an incredible mom and wife. This probably would happen sooner for her because she’s smart as a whip and beautiful. Except she’s got a weak spot for bad boys who are unavailable. I know, don’t we all. She’s working on it–and a really good guy would change all that. She is the type to really give herself over–no holding back–and has very few insecurities. That’s one of the reasons it’s so easy to hang with her. She doesn’t have a lot of hang ups like most girls. She’s comfortable in her own skin and it’s really refreshing.

She’s also a naturalist. She eats well, she works out A LOT, and health and wellness are a HUGE part of her life. Not in the fake way where she closet eats a doughnut after the gym. It’s part of her love of people. She genuinely wants others to do well, feel good and live in a healthy way. She practices what she preaches too. She’s a black belt in Karate but could easily rock a mini skirt (and wait till you see her legs). She works with boxers, fighters, and tough Crossfit dudes–but call her with a bit of gossip and she’s IN. What I always love about Marissa is she’s a guy’s girl and a girl’s girl. She’s the kind of girl you’d bring home to meet your mom and sisters for the weekend and they wouldn’t feel threatened. They’d want you to marry her… as long as they don’t hear what goes on in the bedroom after the lights go out.

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