Peep Community: Michael E – Mammoth Lakes, CA

Written by Yulia Edelshtain

This is my amazing brother in law, we call him Micha (hebrew pronunciation.) Here is a good overview in his own words:

I call myself a “European Mutt.” My father is a Holocaust survivor from Romania, and my mother is Russian.

They met in Israel, got married had three kids, I’m the youngest. When I was 8 we immigrated to the states, I am 34 now.

I’m very well traveled. I havebeen in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, London, Ireland, Scotland, Paris, and off course Israel. I’m planning my next trip, want to join?

I speak four languages, Hebrew, English, Russian, and Spanish. as well as wanting to learn more eventually.

I love taking risks in life, some have paid off, and some have not!

I like thrills, Ski diving, Snowmobiling, Horseback riding, hiking, and bike riding. I love to play billiards among other games. I can cook as well. Breakfast in bed anyone?

I have beeen in the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years. I grew up in L.A. lived in Las Vegas for a few years, and back to L.A. for a few more. Now I currently reside in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Have you been?

I moved to Mammoth a year ago, wanting to get back into my career, as well as get away from L.A. for a while. L.A. is home. So I see myself moving back in the coming months.

I would love to meet a woman who is multi cultured and possibly speaks more than one languge. someone who had traveled in the past, and wants to travel some more.

Thankfully I have a mix of 5 nephews and one niec’s. I love them I spoil them rotten. and looking forward one day to have my own kids.