Peep Community: Jamie B – London, England

Temporary moustache courtesy of Movember.

*Having spent some time with Jamie in LA and London, I’m a big fan.  He’s a smart, funny, Jew–unfiltered–and my favorite kind of guy to have a beer with.

-seth menachem

Written by Adele Beiny

Jamie is actually my husband’s best friend. Not mine, so I think I can be pretty honest about him. I met him one night in a pub in England for the first time. Since he knew my back then boyfriend (now husband) he didn’t act too overly enthused to meet me. Probably because he genuinely didn’t think I’d last. But despite that he was still friendly, warm, and engaging.

Jamie is very analytical. He’s like a boy genius only he’s not a boy. He’s a grown man with a great job. I guess I would describe him as a charming accountant. Currently he is the director of a furniture company and THEY recruited HIM. Ahem. Once, when I asked him to make New Year’s plans for an upcoming trip, he sent me back a checklist of questions to best describe the environment I’m looking for. He even asked the miles I was willing to travel for said “fun.” He makes everything seem simple. Also, to date, he’s written the funniest best man speech I ever heard.

He doesn’t wear his heart on his (merino wool, fitted, JCrew) sleeve and has an uncanny poker face. The most passionate I have ever seen him was in regard to his football (soccer) team–otherwise he’s cool as a cucumber. Some people say he’s cold. Ok, fine it’s me. I say he’s cold. But I get the sense that if he met the right girl she would be pretty lucky. He’s a great debater and conversationalist and has a way of sharing his knowledge and insight on things without being “better than thou” about it. Am I allowed to write that he graduated top of his class at Oxford University? Or will that scare some of the girls off? He needs a smart girl–like a really smart girl who loves learning new things. He’s well traveled and well dressed but not douchey about it.

He has a posh British accent and kind eyes that still have a glint of mischief in them. He’s blunt and sarcastic, but keeps it funny, not angry. You always know where you stand with him, even if it is in the back of the room. I’ve seen him date girls and he treats them really well. He is always honest with them. A trait that’s rare these days. I think I saw him in love once and he was different, wayyy different in a good way, and I think he would like to have that again. He grew up in a tight knit group of friends that are all still really close today. To me that’s always a good sign.

He works really hard and takes his career seriously but he makes time for fun too. He is always trying new and interesting things and he is a good friend. I’d like to see him hitched so he stops Skyping my husband and I, too early on Saturday mornings.

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