Rick S – Los Angeles


single jewish doctor

Photo by Joshua Plotke

At 48, Rick is a happy guy.  He likes life.  He likes smiling.  He’s also a bit irritating to be around when you’re exhausted and barely have enough strength in you to open your eyes after a blink because you’ve been up all night with a cranky five-month-old and a two-year-old who’s having night terrors she can’t explain but have something to do with tap shoes, swimming, and some Spanish words she picked up from the nanny.  But I can’t blame Rick.  He drove all the way from Simi Valley to meet me, and he seems like good peeps.

Rick’s a family physician who spent years as a traveling doctor.  “It was really fun meeting a lot of different people, and you know it was kind of neat to just jump into a new lifestyle—different town, different people. I kind of thrived at it, because I love learning about new people and getting new life experiences.  I’m really interested in learning about other people’s experiences and trying to build on learning more about life.

“The downside of that was I was living away from my home base and [wasn’t] able to establish any long-term relationships.  I traveled a lot with this Jewish singles group called Amazing Journeys—they do cruises and trips all over the world.  I’ve met and made a lot of friends from all over the U.S.  But it’s time to meet that right girl that I can enjoy traveling [with] to new places.”

Rick’s an extrovert but says he’s not used to talking about himself.  “I’m used to getting to know the person that I meet.”  Rick lived in Spain after college and became fluent in Spanish, which comes in handy at work.  “I became a family doctor rather than a specialist, because I like talking to people.  I’m very busy, because I give my patients time, [I’m] conscientious, compassionate, and I’ve enjoyed taking care of different generations of families over the years.  I love what I do.  I take it seriously but I also know how to enjoy life when I’m off.  I go to conferences and take classes to stay current because I pride myself on taking the best care of my patients.”

He wants a woman in her 30’s-early 40’s—“Family oriented because I’m close with my family.  Looking to have kids in the future.  I would like to meet someone who likes to take care of herself and is interested in starting a mature, possibly long lasting relationship.  When I go on those single sites I don’t click on any girl who’s not smiling.  It’s just one of my pet peeves.  I’m done traveling with work; I’m staying local, and actually just bought my first house.  But I’d always love a female perspective on interior decorating.  I love dancing.  I’ve taken swing and salsa classes and on my singles trips I’m usually the one out on the floor dancing.  I love dogs.  I don’t own one yet but I am considering that.  I almost became a veterinarian but I decided on becoming a people doctor because they could tell me where it hurts.”

Rick tells me a story about a date that didn’t work.  But they became friends, “which I’m always a fan of.”  He likes to be liked.  He tells me he doesn’t discuss politics “in mixed crowds.”  I’m not sure what that means but I assume he means among acquaintances.  While talking, he uses the word BS instead of the more colorful curse word.  I ask him if he’s always careful about his language.  He says, “I have a pretty easygoing temper.  I lose it every once in awhile… not in mixed crowds.  That’s not who I really am.”

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