Peep Community: Sima – Los Angeles

Post by: Hillary C.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sima for over three years. We began as friends, but eventually evolved into business partners because Sima is a very convincing and business-minded lady. I am a headshot photographer, and Sima’s daughter, Kayla, has become one of my favorite and most frequent customers. Sima is quite literally enamored with her daughter. It’s fun watching the interaction between them… it’s mostly Sima trying to steal a kiss from Kayla using reverse psychology. “No, don’t kiss me!”

Sima is the go-to health guru. She never misses a workout, and we call her “The Food Lady” because she’s always got homemade food in her bag. (Her challa is to die for!)

She’s also tenacious. Born and raised in Israel, she left home at 11 to join a Kibbutz, and then served two years in the Israeli army. She came to America 20 years ago, started kicking butts and taking names, and hasn’t quit since.

Sima is physically and mentally strong. She’s certainly no “yes” woman. In fact, she can probably kick your butt. At the same time, she’s got a soft side; besides being insecure about her accent, she is romantic and nurturing. (Jerry Maguire is one of her favorite movies.) She’ll go out of her way for you – as long as you don’t expect it. Sima loves kids – bring your own if you’ve got one! (But no more than two. This isn’t the Brady Bunch.)

She won’t settle for a wannabe; be authentic and easy-going. She is always trying to better herself, and she expects the same from a mate. Sima wants a healthy, honest, gainfully employed individual, preferrably a Prince with salt and pepper hair. She’s just over 5 feet tall, but trust me – the best things come in small packages.

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